Art Of Giving

The Problem

“Your corporate gifts can make or break your firm’s image.”

We could not agree more. Let’s face it, paper weights and letter openers are useful but they do not make one feel special, and that is what maintaining customer relationships is all about.

The Proposal

That is where we can help make a difference .We have created a hand-crafted line of gourmet cookies not found in the local market, affordable gifts designed to impress in taste and looks.

The Need

There are in-house events, seminars, exhibitions, employee awards, premium clients and special occasions where you surely will need a gift.

The Promise

With almost 20 years of experience in providing gift solutions, we have learned to stay in control of your order so that you can relax in the knowledge that your promotion and your image are in good hands.

We are RUSSIAN COOKIE HOUSE, since 1992, supplier of high-quality gourmet cookies to a select clientele, introducing classic tastes from all over the world.