Business Opportunities

At Russian Cookie House we are confident that our products are ready-made for special occasions. We can regularly enhance your service if you are:

An Events or Wedding Organizer


Our Product is unique, of high quality and generally unavailable in the local market. You could have every reason to be interested in carrying our gourmet cookies if you cater to a sophisticated clientele and have a:

Coffee Shop
Catering Business


Russian Cookie House has been a supplier for corporate events and gifts for many years. If you need a reliable, regular supplier of quality and exclusive product we might be the one to talk to if you are:

A corporate event supplier
An HRD/event officer of a corporation
An Executive Assistant to a CEO


Russian Cookie House is always open to people marketing our product whether it be in Metro Manila or in the provinces. Contact us if you have a customer network that corresponds to our own anywhere and are a:

Marketer (offline or online)


Since exquisite packaging is part of our appeal, we welcome suppliers of such packaging material that compliments our brand. Contact us if you have a product or a service that we can make use of. Don’t hesitate to send us a message using our contact form or call us at 02-216-0865 or 0917-895-2863.