Christmas Czarina Purse

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2 pieces of our classic gourmet cookies packaged in a gold brocade print purse tied with red, green or gold ribbon. Includes holiday gift tag.

Christmas Czarina Purse P60.00 per box

Size of Purse: 3-1/4”L X 2”W X 4-1/2”H

Choices of Contents:

2 pcs. Russian Cookies
Code: XCP RC P60.00

2 pcs. Black Russians
Code: XCP BRC P60.00

1 pc. Black Russian + 1 pc. Russian Cookie
Code: XCP BWRC P60.00

1 pc. Black Almond + 1 pc. White Almond Cookie
Code: XCP BWAC P60.00

*We have suggested our best-selling combination for each size of box. Should you have other preferences, do not hesitate to contact us.

Individual Cookie Descriptions

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