Marzipan flavored with rosewater on dark chocolate lebkuchen coated in bittersweet chocolate.
History: The Mozartkugel (English: Mozart ball), originally known as the “Mozartbonbon”, was created in Salzburg, Austria in 1890 and named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. When we first tasted the “real’ thing , we were smitten but did not want to simply copy it. But we did create a product that included Marzipan and chocolate which we combined with a traditional German Christmas cookie and VOILA!, Mozart balls had inspired an original all-hand-made Russian Cookie House creation, something for the very sophisticated cookie aficionado, and a world away from brownies and cupcakes. (by order only)
Ingredients: Almond Meal, Ground Chocolate, Egg Yolks, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom, Rosewater, Bittersweet Chocolate

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