Sugar Free Biscotti Thins

Sugar Free

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Dry and crunchy, these biscotti thins are best enjoyed with coffee, tea, hot cocoa or even wine!

*We use isomalt as sugar substitute. Isomalt is a natural product derived from the sugar beet, completely safe for diabetics and those watching their sugar intake, low on the glycemic index and hardly affects the blood sugar levels.


Cranberry Pistachio
Code: SF CPB P275.00

Triple Chocolate Almond
Code: SF TCA P275.00

Cappuccino Hazelnut
Code: SF CHB P275.00

Almond Anise
Code: SF AAB P275.00

Ginger Lemon
Code: SF GLB P275.00

Code: SF AB P275.00

Canister Size: 1-1/2” Dia. X 6”H

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