Tea Biscuits

Tea Biscuits

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For the British, imagining a cup of tea without a cookie is almost traumatic. Touched by the same uncompromising spirit the creative force behind all our products decided to put the tea in the cookie, just in case you have a cookie but no tea. Have a cup of tea in a cookie!

These dainty flower-shaped cookies are packaged in pretty lace-trimmed canisters (3-3/8”dia. X 2”H) and tied with colorful ribbon.



EARL GREY – made with Earl Grey ground tea and orange zest.
Code: EGTB-C P180.00

MATCHA GREEN – flavored with Matcha green tea powder and bits of green tea flavored almond praline and rice crispies.
Code: MGTB-C P180.00

HONEY LEMON – made with ground black tea, lemon juice, lemon zest and honey.
Code: HLTB-C P180.00

BERRY FUSION – fruity flavored biscuit with bits of dried cranberry and strawberry flavored almond praline.
Code: BFTB-C P180.00

BLACKCURRANT – blackcurrant tea cookie sandwiched with blackcurrant jam.
Code: BCTB-C P180.00

Individual Cookie Descriptions

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