Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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The  first reason why I am so happy  is  that I know what the squiggles up there mean.


The second reason is that we will give a box of cookies to the first three people who figure out what it means and let us know who they are so we can let them have the cookies. First answer in, first cookie box out…..


Now that I have consoled myself with the age-old wisdom that giving is almost as good as receiving, I will shortly come to the main message of  this very first original Russian Cookie House  Blogue. (Don’t laugh, I just do NOT like the word “blog”. Makes me feel like I am writing an engine manual, don’t know why!)





Which brings me to the FAQ regarding this topic.


Q: Why would anyone give Russian Cookies for Chinese New Year?


A: While “tikoy” and the usual fare are perennial favorites, China is clearly on the speed dial path of transformation and these days anything that is given in the spirit of  “wishing well”  is welcome, even iPads (as long as it is red because THAT is indispensable).


Russian Cookie House has exquisite red packaging.



Q: Where do you put the “Hong Bao” ?


A:  This is not a problem with Russian Cookie House gifts since the envelope is part of the package. Problem solved.


Q: Do you have any additional reasons why one could have Russian Cookies for Chinese New Year?


A: We have a whole selection of round cookies that blend in perfectly with the lunar full moon theme as well as the round coin symbolism which is central to the festivity.


With best wishes and until next time,








  • NN

    That’s how you say “Happy New Year!” in Russian.  Btw, Thanks for the delivery last Wednesday. 

    • The Cookie Queen

      Hi NN, Congratulations you are the first winner! You were online so early in the morning and caught the blog just about 2 hours after I posed it!

    • The Cookie Queen

      Hi Jinggay! Congratulations you are the second winner and glad you are in town to claim your prize!

  • Geanne102

    (Jinggay dela Cruz) Hi Ms. Gina! it says “Happy New Year!” 🙂