My Mother’s Day Purple Passion Memories

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A Filipino mother is called the “ilaw ng tahanan”  or “light of the household” around which all activities revolve. In my case, my Mom is also the “lightning (and occasionally the thunderbolt) of the household” and those who know her will agree and start to giggle when they read this.


One distinct memory I have of my mother is from an airport in Japan. We were living in Tokyo at that time and one summer my parents decided to have a look-around-for-opportunities in the maybe greener pastures of the U.S. of A.  My parents never traveled on the same flight for strategic reasons and my Mom came back a few days earlier to settle things on the home front.


On the day of my Papa’s strategic arrival, we all went to the airport to pick him up. As we waited, my Mom, upon seeing Papa, ran towards him, jumped, put her arms around his neck  and gave him a long kiss in front of a crowd of Japanese who cried out in amusement at the very affectionate and cinematic scene created by this pretty woman dressed in purple billowing pantaloons  straight out of a scene from “Arabian Nights. I was only 9 years old and at that moment, in my little mind, my Mom  with her dramatic show-stopper had  for one instant become the Genie in my favorite TV sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie”. Somehow, she had created a moment of magic in our lives and , I’m sure, in that of the usually reserved and stolid Japanese onlookers.


Many  years have passed and I still think my Mom is a Genie. She is very supportive and shows it in tangible and practical ways. She helps without being asked. She is a “problem-solver” transforming  negative into positive,   just like a  helpful “Genie”.


I love you Mommy! Happy Mother’s Day!



P.S  Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.  I am sure that all of you out there, when you stop and think about your Mom, will find that “Genie”  moment somewhere in your memories — that time when Mom was there to solve your problems and give you comfort or provide  a moment of wonder and joy. Let’s celebrate Moms on Mother’s Day!


Video: I Dream of Jeannie Opening


Pilot: Season 1 Episode 1


QUIZ:  By 1966 all prime time shows were filmed in color but Season 1 of I Dream of Jeannie was filmed in black and white.


Give the three reasons.


In honor of my Mom’s Purple Passions on that day in my childhood memory, I have created the Mother’s Day Vintage Violet Collection. The first 3 website subscribers and first 3 fans from our Facebook Fanpage with the correct answers to the quiz will receive a “Tea for Two” Gift Certificate and a Mother’s Day Gift on one condition:  the winner must be a mother herself or bring his/her mother (or mother-in-law) to receive a gift from the Vintage Violet Collection.



  • Malulen

    Hi Gina. What a lovely and loving tribute to your Mom. How lucky she is to have you … and, of course, you her. We really were laughing at your lightning/thunderbolt comment. How true! We’re glad you’ll be back at MoA, even for just a few days. Our chance to look at your goodies again firsthand. Happy Mothers Day to you! Hugs and kisses, Malu and Malen

  • Teena Mercado

    I absolutely love this blog. Thank you Gina.  I love you too.
    Big Hugs, Mommy

  • EJ

    Beautiful and cherished mem’ries keep repeating themselves.  And oftentimes they bring a smile,  lighten up our hearts and leave us longing for more!

  • Lilian

    1. Nbc doesn’t want to pay for the extra expense of filming it in color
    2. Special photographic effects employed to achieve Jeannie’s magic In black and white
    3. Nbc believed that the series won’t Make it to second season

    Happy mother’s day!!!

  • Joan Macawili

    The reasons why the by 1966 all prime time shows were filmed in color except for Season 1 of I Dream of Jeannie which was filmed in black and white because of the special photographic effects employed to achieve Jeannie’s magic.
    The series producers originally wanted to film season one in color but NBC did not want to pay for the extra expense. NBC and Screen Gems believed the series would not make it to a second season. According to Sidney Sheldon in his autobiography “The Other Side Of Me”, he offered to pay the extra $400 an episode needed for color filming at the beginning of the series. Screen Gems executive Jerry Hyams advised him, “Sidney, don’t throw your money away.”

    Joan Macawili
    kitten.macawili (at)gmail(dot)com

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to those who participated in this quiz! We have 4 winners in all… Joan (2nd time winner), Lilian, Gigi and Steph (whose answer is not posted here but is correct).  Your prize may be claimed any time at the The Podium, just send me a message and a table shall be reserved for two. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Nenitaluzdejoras

    Hi Gina, It is a very nice ,inspiring tribute to your wonderful mom who is always positive in every aspects of life. You are an angel to her . God Bless you always

    tita Nitz