Bohemian Hearts

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I  always thought of myself as some sort of a “Bohemian”.  Trouble was that I did not know exactly what that meant. To my great relief, however, I found out that many people shared the same predicament. In fact, a whole slew of attributes were considered “Bohemian”.

Nouveau: bohemians with money who attempt to join traditional bohemianism with contemporary culture

Gypsy: drifters, neo-hippies, and others with nostalgia for previous, romanticized eras

Beat: also drifters, but non-materialist and art-focused

Zen: “post-beat,” focus on spirituality rather than art

Dandy: no money, but try to appear as if they have it by buying and displaying expensive or rare items – such as brands of alcohol

Somewhere in there I was hiding, a bit of this and a bit of that, less of one and more of the other.

I  always wanted to be a Bohemian gypsy with money who longs for a simpler past but has access to the finer things in life and  loves art. I guess you could call it having the cookie and eating it too!

And when I design a cookie and its packaging I want it to be a small work of art, yet affordable, a link to a romantic past but a treat that makes you feel good about yourself right here today.

Like this !

And when I realized that  what was inside the chocolate coating was an old Bohemian recipe handed down to us by a lady who came from the actual place called “Bohemia” which gave the name to all the “Bohemians” of whatever inkling they are,  I saw it …

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Q: What is the name of the  German author / poet who chronicled the life of a famous Bohemian general ?

  • Selene

    Friedrich Schiller wrote a trilogy of plays about Albrecht von Wallenstein. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations ! Although this quiz was for Valentines you will still get a prize since if I remember right, there were so very few that tried to answer this one and only one other person got it right! So just let me know when you wish to claim your prize at the Podium 🙂 You may email or send a message thru FB or SMS me anytime!