Christmas Tower (7 Tiers)

Royal Tea Sets

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Build your TOWER as high as you want! You can customize your gift by choosing contents of each box. For this TOWER we combined red, gold and black brocade print boxes, (colors of Russian Cookie House), to build this special gift for your V.I.P.!

Suggested assortment (from bottom up):

1 box Classic Gourmet Cookies 22pcs. (Code RGB B7) P495.00
1 box Vienna Fingers 18pcs. (Code RGB VF) P495.00
1 box Assorted Shortbread 12pcs (Code BBA1/2) P300.00
1 box Lebkuchen 12pcs. (Code Leb1/2) P300.00
1 box Black Russians 6pcs. (Code BRC1/4) P150.00
1 box Black & White Almonds 4pcs. (Code TBX4 BWAC) P100.00
1 box Russian Tea Cookies 2pcs. (Code TBX2 RC) P60.00

TOTAL P1900.00*

*Includes gift tag with your personalized message.
We suggest you contact us so that we can create a TOWER based on your needs!

Individual Cookie Descriptions

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